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Social Platforms

I’m trying to lay the groundwork so that these comics that are in the works get read by a lot of people.  I’m not expecting to quit my day job or anything (not that wouldn’t be great), but I’d like this to actually take off–or at least do a decent long-jump.  So I’m starting up a whole lot of sites under the name “Voyager Comics.”  If you are on these platforms and want to collect them like so many hyper-text transfer protocaled Pokemon, here’s the run-down:

The Official Facebook Page (As opposed to the unofficial ones.  Beware of impostors!)  Go like us now.  Comment.  Post a link.

Twitter.  Follow us.

Tumblr.  If you tumbl, find all the stuff from here, but there.

There’s also the page where the comic itself is going to be posted, but that’s hush-hush top-secret until the comics done.  Not that its going to be fancy or anything at first, but nothing is worse than an unlaunched page.

Okay, something are worse.  Like cancer and genocide. But it’s on the spectrum.


Cover Idea

All the monastic sketches I’ve been putting up are for the next project Ben and I are working on.  In the mean time, however, we’re wrapping up a story we’ve been working on for the last month and half — I’m starting to ink page 14 right now, with about 6 more pages to go.  It’s called “The Year of the Dragon,” and when it’s done, we’re going to launch a web-comic site, using it as the opening story.   Hopefully you will be waiting on pins and needles.  This is my initial sketch for the cover.

First Draft of a Logo

Here’s my first stab at a  logo for “Voyager Comics.”  It combines a viking long ship over the diagram for the path of the Voyager satellites.  Let me know what you think!

Monk (colored)


Another Monk

Another Monk


Various Monks

Various Monks