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Page 3 Online

Page 3 is online!  (And a classic training montage at that!)  Go read it. 

Sometime soon I promise we’ll get around to writing/drawing some more blog-worthy things, but right now we’re all about the comic.  Can you blame us?


Page 2 Online Now

Page 2 of “The Year of the Dragon” is up for your reading pleasure now!

Sketchbok Scans

Since getting my Bamboo Tablet in April, I’ve pretty much done all my drawing digitally.  Everything I’ve posted here has been drawn on the tablet, and I’m amazed at how it really is like sketching on paper.  However, I can’t whip out my tablet and laptop everywhere.  Since I’ve got all these ideas I’m working on for our comic, I’m also carrying around a small sketchbook that I can use on the bus or when waiting for a train.

I’m spending tonight getting a start on “Voyages,” but here are some scans from my sketchbook.  Some of them you might recognize as the first sketches of pictures that have already been posted here, and some of them you might be seeing in the next few months as they make their way into our next story.  Most of them won’t go any further than this, but that’s a sketch book for you.

Cover and Page 1 Online Now!

The cover and first page of “Year of the Dragon” are now online over at ComicFury right now — so go read it!

Ben and I are really pleased with how this turned out, so I hope everyone enjoys it. We’ll be updating with a new page every Tuesday and Friday. If you’ve never read a web-comic before, it’s a slow, agonizing way to read a story, but it’s going to get us started in the whole serialized publishing, so we’ll see how it goes. If you like it, please tell us, and of course share it with your friends — we’d love to have an audience someday.

“Year of the Dragon” is 21 pages, so it’s going to run through late October. In the meantime we’re still working away, so there will be more stories to come after this. Check back here for updates and lots of sketches and concept art. Cheers!

The Dark Knight Trilogy

So most of my art time is spent working on one of my various projects, but sometimes a cartoonist just has to do something random and silly.  With the new Batman movie coming out, I guess I’ve had the Dark Knight on the brain.  Here’s three comics I did this week.  Image


The Fishermen (colored)

Posted this last week as a sketch. Before bed I wanted something to do to relax, so I inked and colored it. Ben and I haven’t discussed it, but I’ve been thinking of “Voyages” in terms of color the entire time. (Ben?  Thoughts?) so I’m trying out some styles of coloring to see what I like.

Wida, take 2

Ben’s response to my sketches of Wida was: “How would he look with a pompadour instead of a pony-tail?”  Here’s the answer, with some inks and color thrown in for fun.