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Pointless Cartography

I love to draw maps — always have.  In fact, I think that was the major reason I loved running fantasy role-playing games as a kid, because it gave me a good excuse to draw up elaborate maps, from entire worlds to individual cities to specific castles and dungeons.  There’s something magical about how you can create the illusion of a world you haven’t even thought of by sketching a few mountain ranges and oceans.  I’m sure I’ve created (and lost) hundreds of civilizations over the years.

ImageThis map serves no purpose other than the fact I needed something to do while rocking my daughter to sleep — it was one of those long, protracted bedtimes where she fights and fights against sleep.  One free hand isn’t any good for doing any serious drawing, but it turns out its just enough to draw a map.  Once Ben and I have a world sketched out for our on-going story, I’m sure I’ll have a map to accompany the stories, but this was just an exercise in pointless cartography.


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