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The Fishermen

Ben sent me the draft of our first chapter for “Voyages” (still just a working title), and we’ve got a 21 page story to kick off this project.  I’m really excited about it — I love the characters Ben has come up with and the tone he’s striking.  Fantasy has a tendency to take itself (far) too seriously [Editor’s note: Chris’s opinions are his own and do not reflect the opinions of Voyager Comics, which are complex and subtle] [Not the editor’s note — Ben, glad to see you interjecting ideas into my posts], and I like how we’re going to be playing around with cliches and archetypes and having a lot of fun.

With his script in mind, I did a quick sketch of some monsters catching Tomas, the Franciscan monk.

The rest of the evening I spent inking page 18 of “The Year of the Dragon.  Just have to get to page 20 so we can launch it, but all the details on this page meant I worked on it for 3 hours and finished 3 panels.  Normally I can ink a whole page in that time, but hey, it’s looking great.


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