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Scaned Sketches

Last Thursday I was showing a group of students a movie, so I did whatever I do when I don’t have to give my undivided attention to anything — started doodling and sketching.  It’s almost a bad habit, as I will catch myself drawing while having a serious conversation with someone, in the margins of a students essay, on official paper-work, or pretty much any surface that ink or graphite will stick to.

Ninety-nine percent of the time it’s the artistic equivalent of biting my finger-nails (another bad habit of mine), in so much that it just fills time and a need to fidget.  The resulting drawings are generally mediocre and without actual purpose, so they just go in the recycling with old quizzes and the daily announcement flyer.

Since starting on Voyager Comics, however, I’ve had an ongoing focus, so my doodles have actually served a purpose.  Most of my concept art has been done on my tablet on the computer, but Thursday I was trying to figure out some of the characters for our upcoming series.  In particular, there is an elven king, “The Dawn King” and some of his retinue that I needed to work out.  After being distracted by my Catwoman project (this was done the morning before I went and added the “Angela Davis” secret identity below), I did some sketches for the Dawn King’s daughter, then his messenger, castle, the king himself, and some crests/heraldic images.  I don’t know if the notes are legible themselves, but I always add marginalia to myself on these sort of sketches, which has the added bonus of working nicely when I share it like this.


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