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Penultimate !Page 20 Online Now!

That’s right, true believers — only one more page to go!  Get your bi-weekly dragon and dog adorable fix here!


Page 19 Online Now

Only 3 pages left!  Get your Tuesday morning Dragon fix here.

Super Nat & Ba-Nat

Continuing my current kick of my cute kids as superheroes.  A small, technical artistic change — I tried coloring the lines for the first time.  The other drawings have solid black outlines, while these are colored to match the fill.  Its subtle, but I think its sort of makes it looks nicer.

I should really spend my free evenings focusing on our story . . .


The Real Life Ba-Nat

Just so the legion of Ba-Nat fans can have some point of comparison, here’s the real life Ba-Nat: my daughter Angelica.    My cousin Carl bought her a “My First Batman” book about a month ago, and ever since she’s been obsessed.  She began demanding the “Ba-Nat” book every day, then became obsessed with the classic Adam West Batman TV Show.  Then we bought her a Batman costume in anticipation of Holloween, but she saw it and has insisted on wearing it almost every day since.

More Ba-Nat!

I’m really enjoying drawing Angelica as “Ba-Nat.”  Not only is it incredibly cute (I may be her biased dad and the illustrator, but I’m pretty sure its objectively true), but the simple lines and solid colors is a nice change from the pages I’ve been doing for “Voyages.”  Also, splash pages and single-hero action-shots are always a lot easier to conceive and execute than an actual narrative.  

Page 18 On-Line Now!

There’s a new dragon in town!  Read page 18.


I feel I’ve only been posting page updates and no new art.  The start of the school year always throws me for a loop, and now I’m trying to cram this newly reawakened desire to draw in with all the other madness that comes with teaching high school English.  But taking a break from both comic-booking and grading, I did this cartoon of my daughter, who is currently obsessed with “Ba-Nat.”