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Meta-Comic Interlude: “The Problem of the Donkey”

Although “The Year of the Dragon” wrapped up last week, we’ve got one last story to tell about the dragon and the dog and the boy — a bit of meta-comic making-of chibi silliness called “The Problem of the Donkey.”  I hope everyone enjoys this little excursion into self-indulgent introspection.  This time next week we’ll be kicking off “Voyages,” our on-going fantasy story, which will be updating weekly, and launching at our brand-new web-site:!  (In fact, the above link points you there, so I guess it’s sort of launching now?)

So if you follow or subscribe to our comic over at InkOutbreak or our blog here, update your links, RSS feeds, bookmarks, carrier pigeons, pneumatic mail tubes, et cetera, because the new site is rolling both into one.  You can keep up with ideas, musing, sketches, and ideas, as well as read comic updates every Tuesday!  Doesn’t get much better than that.  Ben’s already got a post up there, and all the comics and drawings you loved here have been migrated over, so what are you waiting for?  Go read the newest comic at the new site!


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