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Voyager Comics is a collaboration between Benjamin Blattberg and Chris Van Dyke — something to amuse themselves and keep them out of trouble.  Ben does the writing, and Chris draws the pictures, though both of them generate ideas, and the ideas are piling up much faster than they know what to do with.  There’s some science fiction, some fantasy stuff, and some other influences floating about.  Their first collaboration, “The Hunt” was an 11 page s.f. comic they posted as pictures on Facebook and was more a learning process than a comic book.  Currently they are publishing the 21 page “Year of the Dragon.”

Projects in the works include a 22-page fantasy comic, a Lovecraftian Western graphic novel, and an on-going fantasy about a medieval monk lost in a magical land.  Stay tuned for more thrilling tales of action and adventure!  Follow us through your favorite on-line portal:

Official Site: Updating with new pages every Tuesday and Friday at ComicFury.

Facebook: Like us and get regular updates on everyone’s favorite social-network.

Twitter: Follow @voyagercomics

Tumblr: Tumbl after us as well.

We’d love to hear from you.  In the mean time, enjoy the drawing and words.

-Chris & Ben


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