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Moving on Up!

Ben and I are moving to our own site!  This is going to be the last post here at — if you’ve enjoyed reading our posts, seeing my sketches, and reading “The Year of the Dragon,” all that comic-y goodness is going to be consolidated at Voyager Comics Online!   It will have the blog with musings and drawings, as well as all our future comics.  Actually, it has all the old stuff, too, since this entire site has been migrated there already.

If you’ve subscribed to updates here or followed this blog, please follow us to our new site.  This site will still be here, but only to direct newcomers to our permanent site.  So update your bookmarks, RSS feeds, and anything else you’ve got on us. Next Monday we’ll be starting our next story, the first chapter of a long, on-going story, the eponymous “Voyages.”  See you over at our new home!


Sketches from Adobe Training

Wednesday and Thursday I attended a training in using Adobe software with my students to create projects through an arts program called Adobe Youth Voices.  While we learned, I did what I always do — sketch.  In particular, I did drawings of the people sitting around me at the training workshop.

Scanned Sketches: Regents

Last week was the end of summer school, which meant administering the Regents (thats New York States mind-numbing standardized tests required for high school graduation).  Proctoring tests is always one of the low-points of the year, as it means sitting in a room unable to read, listen to music, surf the web, or do anything slightly interesting.  Luckily I can pretty much doodle any time, any where, and do it mostly undercover as well.  I thought I’d share a collage of some of the results.  Sadly the pencil refused to scan at all, so there’s the just the little I did in pen.  I don’t know if anyone will find this interesting or not, but its a small insight into the way my brain works.  Which is weird.

Scaned Sketches

Last Thursday I was showing a group of students a movie, so I did whatever I do when I don’t have to give my undivided attention to anything — started doodling and sketching.  It’s almost a bad habit, as I will catch myself drawing while having a serious conversation with someone, in the margins of a students essay, on official paper-work, or pretty much any surface that ink or graphite will stick to.

Ninety-nine percent of the time it’s the artistic equivalent of biting my finger-nails (another bad habit of mine), in so much that it just fills time and a need to fidget.  The resulting drawings are generally mediocre and without actual purpose, so they just go in the recycling with old quizzes and the daily announcement flyer.

Since starting on Voyager Comics, however, I’ve had an ongoing focus, so my doodles have actually served a purpose.  Most of my concept art has been done on my tablet on the computer, but Thursday I was trying to figure out some of the characters for our upcoming series.  In particular, there is an elven king, “The Dawn King” and some of his retinue that I needed to work out.  After being distracted by my Catwoman project (this was done the morning before I went and added the “Angela Davis” secret identity below), I did some sketches for the Dawn King’s daughter, then his messenger, castle, the king himself, and some crests/heraldic images.  I don’t know if the notes are legible themselves, but I always add marginalia to myself on these sort of sketches, which has the added bonus of working nicely when I share it like this.

Cat-Woman, Final

I spent most of the evening doing rough pencils for page 3 of Voyages, but did play around with my Cat Woman.  I didn’t change much, though I did decide that black and white “Urban Camo” made more sense for a cat-burglar and more fitting her color profile overall.  I also did a sketch of her out of costume (very Angela Davis), and a close up of her right arm with the “Chat Noir” tattoo I gave her (her left arm has a black panther logo, which can be half-seen in the top-right corner.  I was trying to play with the burglar/anti-hero idea, and started thinking more along the lines of #OWS, a slightly-hipster militant rich progressive, fighting ‘the man’ and running afoul with the law.

Catwoman Redesign

So this Project: Rooftop blog is sucking up my drawing time — now they’ve got a “Fan Art Friday — Catwooman” redesign going on, so I’ve been doing sketches for that when I should be working on “Voyages.”  Here’s what I’ve got so far.  I’m was sort of thinking a bit of a punk-rock paramilitary cat-burglar look.  Who would really go out and be an anti-hero thief?  A bored rich-kid with punk-rock sensibilities, that’s who.  Besides, high-heels and skin-tight latex really just isn’t that practical.  I also gave her a back-pack, because if you’re burgling stuff, you got to put it somewhere, right?  I’m also thinking of keeping it sketchy like it is now, rather than ink it in.  We will see . . .

Okay, now off to work on my ACTUAL comic.


Sketchbok Scans

Since getting my Bamboo Tablet in April, I’ve pretty much done all my drawing digitally.  Everything I’ve posted here has been drawn on the tablet, and I’m amazed at how it really is like sketching on paper.  However, I can’t whip out my tablet and laptop everywhere.  Since I’ve got all these ideas I’m working on for our comic, I’m also carrying around a small sketchbook that I can use on the bus or when waiting for a train.

I’m spending tonight getting a start on “Voyages,” but here are some scans from my sketchbook.  Some of them you might recognize as the first sketches of pictures that have already been posted here, and some of them you might be seeing in the next few months as they make their way into our next story.  Most of them won’t go any further than this, but that’s a sketch book for you.