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Happy Birthday, Dad!

It’s my dad 63rd birthday today, so I drew him a picture of our family as a present.  I sent him the original (huge) file so he could print it out if he wanted, but I thought I’d share it with you all as well.  I’ve thought that maybe I could sell cartoon portraits of families through Etsy.  Anyone think that would be a viable business?


Super Nat & Ba-Nat

Continuing my current kick of my cute kids as superheroes.  A small, technical artistic change — I tried coloring the lines for the first time.  The other drawings have solid black outlines, while these are colored to match the fill.  Its subtle, but I think its sort of makes it looks nicer.

I should really spend my free evenings focusing on our story . . .


Page 14 online Now!

When we last left our intrepid duo, everyone’s favorite canine sidekick was in the clutches of the ferocious dragon!  How will he escape?  Is this the end of the dog?  Will anyone keep reading this comic if it is?  Go find out now!

Super Nat & Jelly Bean!

I’ve been in the mood to draw something super cute with thick lines and bright colors, so I decided to draw the cutest thing I know — my two kids.  Spent about an hour and had a lot of fun whipping up this caricature of my son and daughter.  I did everything but the letters on Illustrator, so it was also a fun chance to play around with Live Paint and things like that.


Page 3 Online

Page 3 is online!  (And a classic training montage at that!)  Go read it. 

Sometime soon I promise we’ll get around to writing/drawing some more blog-worthy things, but right now we’re all about the comic.  Can you blame us?


Another Monk

Another Monk


Various Monks

Various Monks