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The Fishermen (colored)

Posted this last week as a sketch. Before bed I wanted something to do to relax, so I inked and colored it. Ben and I haven’t discussed it, but I’ve been thinking of “Voyages” in terms of color the entire time. (Ben?  Thoughts?) so I’m trying out some styles of coloring to see what I like.



I’m so close to finishing the last few pages of “Year of the Dragon,” but real life has kept any real art from happening recently.  After two busy days where I fell asleep early, the last two nights my daughter has been sick and restless, allowing only one hand for sketching, as the other has to be permanently on her forehead to keep her asleep (even now I’m typing this one-handed while stoking her brow with the other).

I managed to rough out the pencils for the last few pages, but need the solidity of sitting at a table with my elbows supported to do tight pencils or inking.  I worked out a slew of banners (every site has its own dimensions), which didn’t involve any detailed work.

Also, I managed to ink the cover, as coloring doesn’t take quite as steady a hand as drawing.  I did a black and white version and a color one.  Ben liked the black and white but asked for a darker shadow, so I did a second version, which I do think is better.  If I ever get a chance to draw again, you’ll get to peer beyond the cover in a week or so . . .

Monk (colored)