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Moving on Up!

Ben and I are moving to our own site!  This is going to be the last post here at — if you’ve enjoyed reading our posts, seeing my sketches, and reading “The Year of the Dragon,” all that comic-y goodness is going to be consolidated at Voyager Comics Online!   It will have the blog with musings and drawings, as well as all our future comics.  Actually, it has all the old stuff, too, since this entire site has been migrated there already.

If you’ve subscribed to updates here or followed this blog, please follow us to our new site.  This site will still be here, but only to direct newcomers to our permanent site.  So update your bookmarks, RSS feeds, and anything else you’ve got on us. Next Monday we’ll be starting our next story, the first chapter of a long, on-going story, the eponymous “Voyages.”  See you over at our new home!