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Final Page of “Year of the Dragon” Online Now!

And that’s it — our “Year of the Dragon” officially wraps up today with page 21. (okay the story was pretty much over, but everyone likes a good splash page.)

Thanks so much to everyone who has read the comic, checked out the blog, or followed us on Facebook.  (If you haven’t, go “Like” us now!)  We’re taking Friday off, but check back in a week for a final, light-hearted dragon-related meta-comic (wow, that’s a lot of hyphenated modifiers there).

In two weeks, we’ll be starting a new, on-going series, the eponymous “Voyages.”  The other exciting news is that we are also launching our very own web-site in the next few days, so please follow us over there as soon as we have it up and running.

Thanks for sticking around!