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Moving on Up!

Ben and I are moving to our own site!  This is going to be the last post here at — if you’ve enjoyed reading our posts, seeing my sketches, and reading “The Year of the Dragon,” all that comic-y goodness is going to be consolidated at Voyager Comics Online!   It will have the blog with musings and drawings, as well as all our future comics.  Actually, it has all the old stuff, too, since this entire site has been migrated there already.

If you’ve subscribed to updates here or followed this blog, please follow us to our new site.  This site will still be here, but only to direct newcomers to our permanent site.  So update your bookmarks, RSS feeds, and anything else you’ve got on us. Next Monday we’ll be starting our next story, the first chapter of a long, on-going story, the eponymous “Voyages.”  See you over at our new home!


Final Page of “Year of the Dragon” Online Now!

And that’s it — our “Year of the Dragon” officially wraps up today with page 21. (okay the story was pretty much over, but everyone likes a good splash page.)

Thanks so much to everyone who has read the comic, checked out the blog, or followed us on Facebook.  (If you haven’t, go “Like” us now!)  We’re taking Friday off, but check back in a week for a final, light-hearted dragon-related meta-comic (wow, that’s a lot of hyphenated modifiers there).

In two weeks, we’ll be starting a new, on-going series, the eponymous “Voyages.”  The other exciting news is that we are also launching our very own web-site in the next few days, so please follow us over there as soon as we have it up and running.

Thanks for sticking around!

Page 8 Online Now

Hrm.  It seems we haven’t posted any sketches, drawings, or random ideas since page 7 went online Tuesday.  Sorry about that.  To assuage your disappointment, go read page 8, which is online now.

Past, Present, Future

So for those of you who have been wondering what this all is for, here’s what’s going on.

  1. Past.   This spring, I taught a cartooning elective at my high school and I made this random, one page sci-fi comic that didn’t have a story to go with it.  I posted it on Facebook, someone asked if I was going to finish the story, I said if someone wrote one for me, and Ben jumped in with a story idea that eventually became “The Hunt.”  We shared it with people, some of them liked it, we had a lot of fun.
  2. Present.  After tabling an idea for a Lovecraft Western for being too ambitious, Ben and I decided to follow up “The Hunt” with something slightly longer but still self-contained.  Right now I’ve drawn 17 pages of “The Year of the Dragon” and only have 4 more before its finished.  As we wrap that up, we’re planning a regular, on-going comic that is currently under the working title of “Voyages.”  Most of the sketches I’m posting are brainstorming for that.  Currently Ben’s outlined about 7 story-arcs, and I’m working on character drawings.  Right now “Voyager Comics” has this blog, a Facebook Page, a Tumblr, a Twitter feed, and a really bare-bones site hosted at Comic Fury, where you can read “The Hunt” in its entirety.
  3. The Future.  “The Year of the Dragon” should be finished in a week or so.  Once it is, we’ll be publishing it on-line twice a week, which should take about 10 weeks.  During that time we’ll be starting on “Voyages” (or whatever the final title is), so by the time “Year of the Dragon” is published in its entirety, we should be ready to roll out the on-going story.  My hope is to get us a “real” web-site, but I don’t want the creativity to get bogged down in technical nonsense.  If anyone reading this wants to trade web-site design for some art, let me know . . .

Social Platforms

I’m trying to lay the groundwork so that these comics that are in the works get read by a lot of people.  I’m not expecting to quit my day job or anything (not that wouldn’t be great), but I’d like this to actually take off–or at least do a decent long-jump.  So I’m starting up a whole lot of sites under the name “Voyager Comics.”  If you are on these platforms and want to collect them like so many hyper-text transfer protocaled Pokemon, here’s the run-down:

The Official Facebook Page (As opposed to the unofficial ones.  Beware of impostors!)  Go like us now.  Comment.  Post a link.

Twitter.  Follow us.

Tumblr.  If you tumbl, find all the stuff from here, but there.

There’s also the page where the comic itself is going to be posted, but that’s hush-hush top-secret until the comics done.  Not that its going to be fancy or anything at first, but nothing is worse than an unlaunched page.

Okay, something are worse.  Like cancer and genocide. But it’s on the spectrum.