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Cat-Woman, Final

I spent most of the evening doing rough pencils for page 3 of Voyages, but did play around with my Cat Woman.  I didn’t change much, though I did decide that black and white “Urban Camo” made more sense for a cat-burglar and more fitting her color profile overall.  I also did a sketch of her out of costume (very Angela Davis), and a close up of her right arm with the “Chat Noir” tattoo I gave her (her left arm has a black panther logo, which can be half-seen in the top-right corner.  I was trying to play with the burglar/anti-hero idea, and started thinking more along the lines of #OWS, a slightly-hipster militant rich progressive, fighting ‘the man’ and running afoul with the law.


Catwoman Redesign

So this Project: Rooftop blog is sucking up my drawing time — now they’ve got a “Fan Art Friday — Catwooman” redesign going on, so I’ve been doing sketches for that when I should be working on “Voyages.”  Here’s what I’ve got so far.  I’m was sort of thinking a bit of a punk-rock paramilitary cat-burglar look.  Who would really go out and be an anti-hero thief?  A bored rich-kid with punk-rock sensibilities, that’s who.  Besides, high-heels and skin-tight latex really just isn’t that practical.  I also gave her a back-pack, because if you’re burgling stuff, you got to put it somewhere, right?  I’m also thinking of keeping it sketchy like it is now, rather than ink it in.  We will see . . .

Okay, now off to work on my ACTUAL comic.


Wida, take 2

Ben’s response to my sketches of Wida was: “How would he look with a pompadour instead of a pony-tail?”  Here’s the answer, with some inks and color thrown in for fun.

Thomas & Bear (Character Sketch)

Random Sketch of the Day – Faerie Queen


Monk (colored)

Brennan (sketch)

In order to keep procrastinating from doing real work on the story Ben and I have completed, I’m now starting to think about the NEXT project.  Here’s a sketch I did of a monk and a faerie.